General Information
Homeworld Liavara
Habitat Sky
Length 14 feet
Weight 2,500 pounds
Locomotion Flying
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pathfinder Universe

Rauzhants, sometimes called clutch wyverns, are a species of dragon native to Liavara. They are far less intelligent than other dragons, and spend most of their time looking for food.

Description Edit

Anatomy & Physiology Edit

Rauzhants resemble dragons, but with a few key differences. They have no eyes, instead having a face consisting solely of a fanged mouth. Additionally, they have a series of hook-tipped limbs in place of legs, which are barely capable of supporting their weight and serve almost solely as weapons. Their blue skin serves as a single giant nose, allowing them to navigate Liavara's skies by smell. Rauzhants are 14 feet long and weigh 2,500 pounds.

Uniquely for dragons, rauzhants breathe hydrogen. In an atmosphere not consisting mostly of hydrogen and helium, they cannot breathe, and they fly much more slowly and awkwardly than normal.

Diet Edit

Rauzhants are carnivorous. The name "clutch wyvern" comes from how they hunt; they latch onto a prey animal with their jaws and drag it deeper into the atmosphere, tearing at it with their hooks until it dies and then carrying it back upward to eat.

Behavior Edit

Rauzhants are less intelligent than most sentient species but smarter than mundane animals. They are capable of conversational speech in Brethedan, but little more, and they spend more time hunting than they do anything else. They are generally solitary, and do not gather in groups larger than about half a dozen. Unlike other dragons, they do not hoard treasure. Instead, they collect the "tastes" of prey in their memory.

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