Raunip, also known as Raunip the Heretic, was the son of Aughra, born before the arrival of the Fallen urSkeks. Like his mother, he was a friend to all the races of Thra, but he differed in that he viewed the arrival of the urSkeks with suspicion.

Appearance Edit

Like his mother, Raunip had a flat nose, a thick mane of hair and a pair of horns. Unlike his mother, he had a thin body, had two, rather than three eyes, and had a tail.

Biography Edit

  • I am not of the Crystal? I'm not even from Thra?

Birth Edit

Raunip was born during the Age of Innocence. He arrived on Thra via an organic meteorite, which was discovered by Aughra. Sensing life within the rock, Aughra moulded it into her own image. However, it wasn't until after the Great Division that he discovered this via a vision from the crystal, and Aughra confessed and told him of his origins.

Feud with the urSkeks Edit

  • Meddlers and usurpers! Cast out by their own kind, exiled from their own world. And they would claim Thra as their own.

When the Fallen urSkeks arrived on Thra during the first Great Conjunction, Raunip became increasingly embittered at the their "meddling" in the cultural development of the Gelflings and his mother, as well as their encasing of the Crystal in a vast fortress, which he saw as an act of appropriation. When he discovered that the urSkeks were in fact exiles from their own world, Raunip incited a mob of Gelflings to attack the urSkeks in their Castle, but was halted by Aughra.

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