Alien Species
Kaliyo Djannis

Kaliyo Djannis, a female Rattataki.

The Rattataki were a race of near-humans, characterized by their thin bodies and pasty-white skin, native to the remote world of Rattatak. Because resources were scarce on Rattatak, and since there was no trade with the outside galaxy, the struggle for survival became paramount to the Rattataki. Small tribes gathered together to pool their resources, and wars over fertile ground became commonplace. Younglings were regularly tested in battle, since every able-bodied being in a clan had to protect their resources from rival clans. This evolution toward violence kept the Rattataki from discovering space travel, and they were quite unprepared when a starship full of slavers arrived on Rattatak. The wiry Rattataki were of no use to the slavers, being too difficult to train. However, the Rattataki quickly realized that the slavers could bring stronger warriors to Rattatak and renewed violence spread across the planet. Tribal warlords began pitting personal champions and gladiators against each other in large arenas, leading to the formation of the Blood Sport of Rattatak.

Although Asajj Ventress—a Dark Jedi who actually served as the leader of the Rattataki species for some time during the Clone Wars—was often mistaken for a Rattataki, she was in fact a Dathomirian.