Biography Information
Homeworld Anteverse
Species Kaiju
Sapience Non-Sapient
Gender Unknown
Body Type Bipedal
Height 106.83m
Length 48.17 cm
Weight 3405 tons
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pacific Rim
Performed by Modified sound of a goose
Raijin is a Category V Kaiju that appeared in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Appearance Edit

Raijin is mostly greyish-brown in color. Its head opens up like a venus flytrap revealing soft pink flesh. It has eight blue eyes, two claws on each foot, three claws on each hand and a long tail.

Powers Edit

When its head armor is closed, Raijin can use it to absorb energy attacks from Jaegers and either empower itself or redirect the attack

History Edit

Raijin, along with Hakuja and Shrikethorn were let into our world by an unknown individual in the year 2035 and all three Kaiju then attacked the city of MegaTokyo

Notes Edit

  • Its name is the same name from the Shinto god of thunder from Japanese mythology.
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