Alien Species

The Ragoons were a race of beings indigenous to the Core Worlds planet Ragoon VI that looked similar to the Moggonites, being particularly short and possessing long, pointed ears (however, this description also fits Yoda's species). They also had brown leathery skin with heads were covered in thick hair and a powerfully built physique.

The Ragoons refused to allow any off-worlders to colonize their planet, and in their isolation a sickness began to decimate their population. Some five years after the Battle of Naboo, only a handful of Ragoons survived.

Society and culture[]

Ragoon society was pre-industrial, having intentionally resisted the development of cities and advanced industry as they valued the unsoiled environment of their homeworld, and keeping their planet pristine quickly became their prerogative. This probably contributed to their remaining within organized tribes as opposed to more populated groups. Even with this preference for a lack of industry they still kept in contact with the Galactic Senate and many of them spoke Galactic Basic Standard.

The choice to keep their planet pristine extended to them forbidding colonization of their world by outside sources; however, when sickness caused their numbers to drop drastically, they were forced to entrust their world to the Galactic Republic Senate for safekeeping. At this point offworld visitors became restricted, though members of the Jedi Order and inhabitants of the neighboring planet Aaeton were allowed to visit more frequently. Known Jedi to visit the world included Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Quinlan Vos, Tahl, Winso Bycart and Wren Honoran.

Long tubes of polished stone were used as blowpipes to shoot poison-tipped darts, which in turn were used to hunt a local predator known as the Malia. Malias hunted in packs and were extremely quick with long, sharp teeth, but were hunted nonetheless for not just their meat but also their skins, which could be used for a variety of purposes.