The Quiqui-a are a sapient race that hails from the microscopic realm known as the Moleculands.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Quiqui-a are ragged purple-skinned humanoids with powerful extrasensory abilities. They can see and hear as far as creation, able to look across time and space. However they can only look to see the present or the past, not the future.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

The Quiqui-a are humble farmers, that farm the jhef and trade with other nearby worlds for medicines and minerals. Despite their level of technology and lack of wealth the Quiqui-a were content. They had one code: Peace. They were a pacifistic race and abhorred violence of any kind.

Through the visions they gained an almost hero-worship of Stormhawk, erecting a statue of him in the jhef fields. They memorialize his death as Sorrowsday bringing baked goods to the Honor Guard in remembrance.

History[edit | edit source]

The Quiqui-a are one of many races that existed in the Moleculands. They traded with many races of nearby worlds and lived in peace. However, during their dreams, they saw the rise of Krigari the Ironhanded and the carnage he ensued as he climbed up from the multiple subatomic realms below theirs. They saw that his armies would soon encroach upon their home and they did not have the power or conviction to stop him. They searched for others between their realm to stop him but none possessed the strength. The Quiqui-a accepted their fate and eventual destruction.

However, their salvation came when the entity Durin the Seer approached Krigari with a vision of his defeat at the hands of Earth's Honor Guard. The warlord scoffed at the vision and attempted to destroy the Honor Guard but much to his shock and surprise he was defeated. Returning to his empire, Krigari launched numerous attacks on Earth and each one he was defeated.

The Quiqui-a saw all of this and paid close attention to Stormhawk, a rising hero that would eventually become of one the Honor Guard and was seen in a hero-worship way by the aliens. Finally fed up with his failures of the one place he lost to Krigari pulled back his armies from the Moleculands and concentrated his armies on Earth. The Earth's heroes and their allies held them back, and though Krigari was empowered by an alien artifact called the Black Opal, he was finally defeated by Stormhawk at the cost of his own life.

Durin was revealed to be a Quiqui-a named Eth who directed Krigari to Earth to divert his armies from his world. The Quiqui-a felt immense guilt for their part in the death of the hero Stormhawk. Ever since his death, the Quiqui-a would stealthy bring gifts of pastries to the Honor Guard headquarter's on his memorial.

Eth would later turn himself in to the Honor Guard for his crimes, but after listening to his story the Honor Guard forgave him only that Stormhawk would be remembered.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Astro City 017 (2014)
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