The Quez are an alien species that existed 65 million years ago.

Biology Edit

The Quez are blue-translucent skin humanoid beings. They possess four eyes and at the backs of their cranial is an orange stub.

Culture Edit

The Quez are a species of capitalists that sell their bodies. They are franchised across the universe and allow other races to swap their bodies. They exercise their clients bodies whilst their clients allow themselves to relax inside the Quez bodies and enjoy every indulgence at one of the Quez spa resorts. Due to their obsession with money they are regarded as the most greediest species in the entire universe.

Appearances Edit

  • Empress Issue 002 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 003 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 005 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 006 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 007 (2016)
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