Alien Species
Quermian Trio

The Quermians are a species from the planet Quermia.


They have long necks for peering over vegetation mats, bulbous heads with a permanently bemused smile, and two sets of spindly arms. Usually, Quermians keep one set of arms hidden. They also have two brains, one located in the chest cavity. Their two brains can cause mental problems when each brain develops a different personality. Possessing no noses, the olfactory glands of this species are found in the hands. Quermians are dedicated to complex philosophical ideas, and many of the galaxy's most prominent diplomats are found among their ranks.

It is widely believed among xenobiologists that Quermians have the ability to communicate telepathically with members of their own species. Their claim is justified by unusual brain activity in Quermians, initially believed to be a result of their genetic manipulation, though it was postulated that it was in fact a natural trait the Xexto would also pick up in time. The Quermians hold that their keen ability to read one another's body language is mistaken for telepathy by observers.


Quermians were distantly related to the Xexto, having been genetically modified by Arkanian geneticists around 17,000 BBY. The Arkanians ultimately abandoned their work, fearing legal repercussions, allowing the Quermians to evolve on their own. These two species rediscovered one another when both joined the Galactic Republic, though the Xexto initially denied any genetic link with the Quermians. Even after the connection was proven, Xexto held only grudging respect for Quermians, seeing them as a lower species. Fortunately for the Quermians, this attitude generally changed for the better when members of both species worked alongside one another after joining the New Republic. By this time, the Quermians were known to be technologically advanced.

A Quermian colony was established on the moon Ploo II, after a small group migrated from Quermia. The famed Quermian professor Murk Lundi hailed from this colony.

Due to their latent telepathy, many Quermians became Jedi in the Galactic Republic. Some of the most notable were Loo Raelo, Kindee Ya, Vinian Ska and the High Councilor Yarael Poof. During the time of the Galactic Empire, these natural traits saw Quermians persecuted, forcing many to adopt a life of solitude on Quermia. With the fall of the Empire and the unification of the galaxy during the Yuuzhan Vong War, this isolation came to an end, and saw many Quermians rejoining galactic society.

One individual represented Quermia as a diplomat in the New Republic.