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General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who Universe

Quark is the name given to the semi-humanoid robotic servants of the Dominators, a humanoid race of conquerors which have control over the greater part of ten galaxies.


Quarks are cuboid in shape with a sphere on top. They have two spikes that come from opposite sides of the sphere, with one on top. They have rectangular compartments on their chests into which their cuboid arms fold. Their arms are equipped with weaponry and manipulating appendages. The spore spikes are red along with the rim attaching them all. The rest of the sphere is black and the body is grey. The Quarks' feet are large pieces of metal in the shape of a block; poles attached these to the body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Quarks are able to use their guns to kill directly, stun, electrocute, communicate and to power up objects. They can collect data from a survey just by turning 360 degrees. They emit warning signals when tripped or covered.

The Dominators have symbols representing each Quark on a wall, the symbol for the corresponding Quark flashing when that Quark was destroyed. Dominator Quarks generally communicate with bleeps, shrill squeaks, and squawks, although they were capable of high-pitched speech.

On several occasions, the independent Quarks use Giant Wasps to cover for their limited agility.


The Seventh Doctor once described a specific weakness the Quarks had. According to him, they were effectively "allergic" to leptonite crystals. If they came within half a mile of leptonite, they would explode.

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