Quando is a Foon character in The Fourth Planet Series.

History Edit

Quando is the only son of Warlord Illym. He was one of the few, if only Foon that realized that the other races, the Yultan and Wavii possessed technological advantages that were slowly pushing back the Foon. The numerous setbacks and decline of their species caused Quando to believe that moderation was necessary for the survival of the Foon species.

He wished for the Foon warriors to equip themselves with black powder weapons so that they may face their enemies on equal footing. However he faced the ignorance of his people who labelled him an apostate. The proud warriors and shamans of his people, believed that such 'magics' were an affront to their Scared Mother Tiff who gifted them with strength and steel, were the only tools they needed to overcome the Yultan. His father was forced to exile him which he spent years traveling the world. Quando continued to explore and observe the various cultures of his planet, seeing the skilled engineering of the Wavii's ships, and the Yultan's progress in building a system of uniform roads which he recorded in his journal.

When the Lightstorm crashed in the vicinity of the Foon lands, Quando rushed back to his father and informed him that Tiff's chariot had fallen. He was met with doubt by Gullin, believing such thinking was rash. However Quando warned him of the consequences for ignoring a possible visit from the goddess. Illym agreed assigning, General Umat Au and a hundred Foon warriors to escort Quando back to the site.

Quando brought Umat Au to the outskirts of the crash, only to have Umat Au and his warriors attack the creatures from the ship. Quando watched in pity as his kind were slaughtered by the human militia. Rather than flee, Quando surrendered his weapon peacefully and allowed the humans to take him prisoner. The humans treated him with decency, conducting light brain wave experiments to decipher his language to which Quando realized their intent, due to his keen mind.

After seeing their technology that far surpassed the Yultan and Wavii, he understood that the humans were not divine beings. Once communication was possible he planned to appeal to the humans and ask for their assistance in wiping out the Yultan.

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