The Quameno are a highly intelligent amphibian race. Quamenos appear tall with long limbs and a short neck. The Amphibian's eyes evolved on the side of their head to give them great peripheral vision. 

Quamenos are known to very peaceful but prefer to stay isolated from the rest of the galaxy. Staying out of the galactic view and hoarding their technology is their main goal. 

They enjoy difficult mental challenges such as solving puzzles or deciphering ancient inscriptions. Their higher brain function also makes them gifted linguists – making them capable of learning a new language in a few short days. 

They are also gifted physicists and inventors as they often produce potent technology. In fact their natural fascination with unusual energy theories has led them to develop the NovaCore NX-700, a very powerful and efficient reactor. 

Quamenos historians take a tremendous interest in galactic history as they often seek for peculiar artifacts of the ancient galaxy. Their studies have led many Quameno scholars to claim that the Shakturi covered a large part of the ancient galaxy before being wipe out by a mysterious plague. 

Quameno communities typically live in semi-submerged, high-tech bio-domes in the shallow coastal areas of planets with oceans covering 90% of the planet. 

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