Quaggled Mireclops
Quaggled mireclops
General Information
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat Shallow swamps
Locomotion Tri-Pedal
Diet Carnivore (possibly photosynthetic)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Docile
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Quaggled Mireclops is a gigantic creature on PNF-404, and one of the largest organisms known to exist on the planet. It was discovered by both Captain Olimar and Louie during one of their expeditions, though no true notes were taken until Captain Charlie found the creature.


Like the Skeeterskate, the Quaggled Mireclops is one of the only creatures found with three legged locomotion, and is the only creature known to have three eyes. It is described as so big, that it is often mistaken for a "living forest", namely due to the numerous plants that grow on top of its back, and even the roots that grow out from underneath it. Its head resembles a very ripe red fruit, with leaves and flower-like stalked eyes growing from the top of its head. Each large leg ends in a circular foot that resembles a tuber or thick root.

Around its head, a specialized mineral called a Mireclops Crystal grows around the head to protect its weakspot from attackers. Its mouth is found just underneath the fruit structure, having a VERY large tongue to scoop up prey, and can do this in a full 360 degree rotation.


Quaggled Mireclopses are very patient predators, and considered very ancient as well. They can remain within one position for months, or even years until suitable prey wanders within reach.

While it does consume flesh, the numerous plant life growing on the creature suggest that it can also gain energy and nutrients from sunlight, and gains water from the surrounding soil, much like Pikmin.This possibly can explain how it can survive so long without food or water, and can remain in one place over years at a time.

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