The Qu'utians are an alien species originally native to Qu'ut Prime.

Biology Edit

Qu'utians are tall beings, with angular limbs and moist skin that require to be misted repeatedly to keep their amphibious bodies damp. Colorful patches of symbiotic moss grew like fine feathers or thin, bright fur.

Background Edit

The Qu'utians we’re native to the Qu'ut system. Before the destruction of Earth at the hands of the Drej, the Qu'utians home world Qu'ut Prime also suffered the same fate. Since it’s destruction and the species disappearance it was assumed by the greater galaxy that the Qu'utians perished.

It turned out not to be the case as Cale Tucker and Tek discovered the survival of the Qu'utians. The Qu'utians have hidden their metropolis in order to create a facade of defeat and broken spirit to the Drej, so that they wouldn't be attacked again.

They hold a kinship with humanity as they too suffered the same fate. When they were approached to safeguard several Earth relics, the Qu'utians accepted the responsibility until the day came when humanity would unite under a safe world.

Culture Edit

The mark of Qu'ut - a sword surrounded by a circle of wire. This mark was known as the Qu'utchaa, and symbolised the Qu'utian's motto, "Victory Through Persistance".

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