The Qesh are a dangerous, imperialistic "predarian" (predator-barbarian) alien species. They are a major threat to humanity in the Star Corpsman series.

Description Edit

Anatomy & Physiology Edit

The typical Qesh, a female, is a large, fast predator. Qesh are "several" meters long and average 430 kilograms (950 lbs) in weight. They are generally gray in color, although they often change the colors on their heads to communicate. They very vaguely resemble centaurs, with a torso emerging from the front end of a long, six-legged body. However, the head and torso are not humanoid. The head is mouthless, featuring long horns and four eyes, with two large ones and two smaller ones on stalks, like those of chameleons. The torso has only one arm, which emerges from the chest, and has a Y-shaped mouth at the base.

Diet Edit

Qesh are obligate carnivores.

Reproduction & Life Cycle Edit

Qesh are trisexual. The females, described above, host the non-sapient, worm-like males in their reproductive tracts. The males are eaten by emerging offspring. The offspring are taken care of by the third sex, breeders. Breeders resemble females, but are smaller, darker, and have two arms instead of one. Qesh generally live for around 175 years.

Homeworld Edit

The Qesh inhabit the sixth planet in orbit of an F-type star. The planet is a super-Earth, with gravity nearly three times greater than Earth's and an atmosphere with about 2.5 times the pressure.

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