Alien Species

The Q are an immortal God-like species from the Q Continuum realm, who possess the ability of instantaneous matter-energy transformation and teleportation, as well as the ability to time travel, through the use of the Q Continuum. They have control over space, matter, and time, and have an average IQ of 2000. Their powers extend to those around them, and they can manipulate just about anything in this way.

While most Q are fairly respectable, some can be rather mischievous and are frequently considered annoying to other "lower" races. Oddly, all Q are named "Q".


The Q evolved over countless centuries into their current form, and with their many centuries of sapience behind them, they now consider themselves to be the ultimate form of evolution. Unfortunately, they have been around so long that they often get a "been there, done that" feeling of apathy in regards to most of the rest of the universe.

Due to the famous Q philosopher, Q (who renamed himself Quinn), committing suicide after becoming a mortal during the 24th Century, the Q species were thrown into a civil war. By this time, the Q had come to fear the influence of Human compassion and curiosity into their otherwise timeless, apathetic, and stable culture. Having developed technology that was deadly even to the immortal Q, the war had dire consequences on the "regular" dimension, and the weapons that they had created "incidentally" caused the destruction of stars in various regions of the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Ultimately, this war was avoided with the birth of Q, the son of Q and Q, which restored the Continuum to the status quo.

Notable Q[]

  • Q aka "Q"
  • Q aka "Q2"
  • Q aka "Quinn"
  • Q aka "Female Q"
  • Q aka "Colonel Q"
  • Q aka "Q Junior"
  • Q aka "Judge Q"