The Pyrians are a methane-breathing imperialist race who are an intergalactic power in the Local Group of galaxies.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

Technology[edit | edit source]

Prior to the fall of the Systems Commonwealth in 9786 CY (4860 AD), their most powerful class of warship (Glorious Heritage-class Heavy Cruiser) was barely a match for a Pyrian Torchship. In battle the Pyrian warships use artificial gravity mass packs (missiles) which disable or slow down an enemy ship, plasma cannons to slice up the ships, and neutron ground attack missiles. To pyroform worlds to make them suitable for the Pyrians, they would drop atmosphere generators onto the planet's surface.

History[edit | edit source]

The first time that the Systems Commonwealth encountered the Pyrians was while they were attempting to terraform a world in 6883 CY (1957 AD). In retaliation the Pyrians terraformed a Systems Commonwealth colony, making it suitable for Pyrians only. Which set off a brief war consisting of several skirmishes which ended in a defacto peace. The System Commonwealth recognized the dominion of the Pyrians over their existing territories, and vice versa.

When the Systems Commonwealth fell in 9786 CY (4860 AD), the Pyrians, unlike the other spacefaring races, did not experience a dark age of war, slavery, genocide, poverty, famine, and disease. Since they now had no equal nor even a near-peer in the Local Group of galaxies, the Pyrians became the unchallenged superpower of the known galaxies. Therefore they began a period of expansion, with few post-Fall governments able to resist the Pyrians. Unlike other races and worlds, they did not experience technological stagnation, much less decline. Pyrian technology continued to advance during this period.

Pyrian Torchship (Andromeda).jpg

A few years after the restoration of the Systems Commonwealth by Dylan Hunt, Captain of the Andromeda, the Pyrians were persuaded by the Avatar of the Lambeth Kith Nebula to "pyroform" the planet Samsarra. First the Andromeda and then a Systems Commonwealth fleet attempted to stop the Pyrian fleet from pyroforming the planet, which lead to a battle between the Systems Commonwealth and the Pyrians. Not only were the Pyrians winning the battle but to make matters worse, Pyrian fleets were preparing to go on the offensive throughout the known galaxies against numerous Systems Commonwealth worlds. Dylan had the fleet destroy the planet, demonstrating the will of the Systems Commonwealth and thereby forcing the Pyrians into negotiations. The Pyrians were not involved afterwards in the war between the Systems Commonwealth and the forces of the Spirit of the Abyss (Magog and Nietzschean).

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