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The Pyrans are a species native to the planet Pyrus in Milky Way galaxy.


They Pyrans appear very similar to Humans. They have no visible hair and have scaled heads. They seem to have 2 genders analogous to Human males and females, there is a third biological group called the "Chalim" but it does not seem to be a distinct gender.

The Chalim have unique abilities compared to the rest of their species, they live 200 years longer, and are capable of sensing all other Pyrans (as other Pyrans are capable of sensing them).



The Pyran reproduce through way they call renewal ritual. The ritual is led by the Chalim (thus perhaps the Chailm could qualify as a distinct gender).

When the ritual is initiated eggs begin to form in the palms of the Pyrans, of all types (male, female, and chalim). The Chalim is able to sense which of the unhatched infants is going to be Chalim.

Culture and society[]

The Chalim are the spiritual, and cultural leaders of the Pyrans. The idea is difficult to translate into English, the chalim and the heart and soul of the species.

The Chalim are a biological minority amongst the species, they train under the older Chalim, without the Chalim the Pyran people would cease to exist.

The Pyrans seem to trust in something they call "The Fates" in an almost religious sense. Their society has elders that serve some purpose, and artifacts of importance such as "the Robe of Reunion".


Pyran Ships

Pyran ships

The Pyrans' home planet was destroyed by the Triiad. Before the war with the Triiad there was billions of Pyrans and many Chalim. There is now only thousands, and only one Chalim living.

The Pyrans were betrayed by Paiyin who joined the Triiad. What remained of the Pyrans banded together, they were able to locate Kulai the last Chalim and perform the renewal ritual, thus allowing their species to propagate further.


All Pyrans share a link, an extreme punishment in their society for the worst crimes is to be disjoined from this link. It is the most terrible punishment that can be inflicted.

It has only been carried out 5 times in ten thousand years of history, and only a Chalim has the power to carry out the disjoining ceremony.

Notable members[]

  • Kulai
  • Norta
  • Paiyin