Alien Species

Puggsy is an alien of an unknown race (believed by some to be known as the Pugg) who accidentally crashlanded his spaceship on an equally-unknown planet, simply known by Puggsy as "The Planet". Despite his small size he was well known for his endurance and apparent strength. He, and potentially his entire species, apparently had the ability to either breathe underwater or hold their breath for extended periods of time, not unlike a whale or a penguin of Earth.


  • Puggsy seems to have been designed after the space hopper toy. The fact that he is an extraterrestrial as well as his incredible hopping ability gives credence to this.
  • Puggsy originally appeared in a Commodore Amiga demo named "Puggs in Space", having been created and designed by demo group DIONYSUS (Lee Carus, Alan McCarthy and Tim Wright). This is where speculation about the name of Puggsy's race springs from, although it is equally possible that his name was changed in the process of creating the eventual game.