PuPu, known as KoyoKoyo in the Japanese version, is a small blue alien encountered in Final Fantasy VIII, and seen later in other Final Fantasy games.

It is a small, blue alien with an antenna on its head and two swirly eyes, probably for being dizzy after its UFO was destroyed. It was seen abducting animals with its spaceship, being fought by the player in its fifth appearance in the game. PuPu may have been on a stereotypical alien mission to collect local artifacts and/or organisms which are then taken back to its homeworld for study.

Gameplay Edit


PuPu's scan entry (click to expand).

When dealing with PuPu, the player has two options: either give it five Elixirs, or attack and kill it. By giving it Elixirs, PuPu thanks the player, and hands out the unique PuPu card. The PuPu card can be turned into a Hungry Cookpot that teaches a GF the Devour command. This item can only be obtained by modifying the PuPu card, Devouring Pupu, in a rare Angelo search or by using Chocobo World.

If the player attacks PuPu, it drops an Accelerator instead. The Accelerator can be used to teach a GF the Auto-Haste ability. However, the PuPu card is one of a kind, whereas Accelerators can be obtained in limitless quantity by winning and refining Cerberus and Kiros cards from the CC Group and the Queen of Cards in Disc 4.

PuPu can also be eaten with the Devour command, and it will boost the eater's speed stat by one.

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