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The Pting is a race of small bipedal creatures that consume inorganic materials for energy.

Biology Edit

The Pting possess an appearance similar to the Adipose with its small stature, pale skin and stubby limbs. The have bulbous eyes, antennas and sharp claws and teeth. They're capable of eating any form of inorganic compounds and materials but mostly consume materials that possess energy such as technology. The skin of the Pting is highly toxic and is capable of surviving the vacuum of space. Despite the Pting being a non carnivorous race, they act highly aggressive to other sapient beings. The Pting are impossible to kill.

History Edit

All attempts at containing a Pting have failed due to them being able to eat inorganic materials and the majority of attempts to document and study the Pting have resulted in major casualties. One example of this was when a Pting managed to kill Eve Cicero's entire fleet upon encountering it. Another Pting encounter was when one stowed away on the medical ship known as the Tsuranga, which (with the help of the Doctor) was ejected out of an airlock before it could eat the ship.

Appearances Edit

  • Doctor Who (revived): Season 11 Episode 5 "The Tsuranga Conundrum" (2018)
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