The Psycogs are a humanoid race that appear in Khaal: The Chronicles of A Galactic Emperor.

Biology Edit

Psycog Female

The Psycogs are humanoids, their physical appearance is somewhat reptilian almost snake-like. They are hairless coming in many tones of skin color such as green, tan, blue, etc. One of their prominent physical features are their twin head tails that spout from the crest of the skull. The species have two sexes, with the male's head tails being longer than female's. All Psycogs are telepathic, able to sense the minds of other races and communicate over vast distances. According to some races, physical love with a psi is an unparalleled experience, making many covet them. In addition through these unions, one is able to be granted in seeing the future.

History Edit

The Psycogs were one of the three main races that were imprisoned on the ancient prison ship E.T.H.E.R. They faced near annihilation by the mad warlord Khaal the Executioneer, forcing the Psycogs to forge an alliance with the Ethereals.

Culture Edit

The Psycogs are a male dominated culture, with females serving as roles of pleasure slaves and commodities to sell to the other races of E.T.H.E.R.

Sources Edit

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