Universe Star Wars Universe
Homeworld Verig
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Herbivorous (Presumed due to overall size)
Intelligence Level Non-Sapient

Pryss-Creatures are a species of elephantine beasts known to inhabit the planet Verig. The Verigites hunted them using bolas-like weapons while hunting them. They are most notable for inadvertently inspiring a very famous defense used on the planet Hoth. This occurred when Rebel Alliance tactician Beryl Chiffonage watched the local nomads' tactics in tripping the Pryss-Creatures. Inspired, he developed a strategy out of it to utilize T-47 Airspeeders to trip and ultimately down the Imperial AT-AT Walkers by using the Airspeeders' magnetic harpoons and tow cable. This tactic was finally put into its effective use in 3 ABY, although it failed to save the planet from Imperial invasion.

While their size has been unspecified to the galaxy at large, it can be presumed that they were roughly the same height as an AT-AT, which stood at 22.5 meters.

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