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Prypiatosian-Bs are a race of radioactive aliens from Prypiatos, a highly-irradiated planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.[1]



Prypiatosian-Bs are physical humanoid beings that constantly emit a pure radioactive energy around their bodies.[2] They usually wear dark-colored oven-like containment suits to contain their immense irradiation.

Although they are traditionally red, Prypiatosian-Bs can come on other colors. For example, Mad Ben's NRG and Benjamin Franklin's NRG are both orange.

Powers and abilities[]

Similar to Pyronites, the energy that Prypiatosian-Bs radiate enables them to generate intense heat, allowing them to melt down solid metal and rock by merely touching it.

Due to the nature of their evolution, Prypiatosian-Bs can survive in extremely hot environments, such as those seen on Mikd'lty. They are also immune to radiation and lead poisoning.[3]

Prypiatosian-Bs are capable of firing radioactive energy beams from the grills of their containment suits, which is powerful enough to corrode metallic objects and harm Orishan, Tetramands, Trombipulor's Species, and hybrid Aerophibians.

Prypiatosian-Bs can channel heat through the ground, resulting in a massive geyser of lava.

The containment suits worn by Pryppiatosian-Bs are fireproof, being able to resist a Methanosian's fire attacks. Overall, these containment suits are virtually indestructible against most attacks, making them extremely durable.

The heat that Prypiatosian-Bs generate allows them to survive in extremely cold environments, such as those seen on Mikd'lty. They are also are immune to ice, such as that generated by a Necrofriggian.

Prypiatosian-Bs can easily open their containment suits and get out whenever they want to. While not wearing their suits, most of their powers are greatly increased.

Prypiatosian-Bs can fly, breathe underwater, and phase through solid objects while outside of their containment suits.

Prypiatosian-Bs can absorb other forms of energy, such as an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts. If enough energy is consumed, they will grow to a massive size.

Prypiatosian-Bs can make themselves glow like a light bulb, which is bright enough to weaken Ectonurites. By mimicking the radiation of the star, they can become immune to a Vladat's Corrupturas.[3]


Prypiatosian-Bs constantly give off radiation, making them dangerous to allies unless they wear a containment suit.

Wearing a containment suit comes at the cost of greatly reducing a Prypiatosian-B's powers. For example, they are unable to fly while wearing these suits.

A Prypiatosian-B's radioactive beams can be absorbed by an Insectoid's plasma balls.

Similar to Pyronites, a Prypiatosian-B's powers can be negated when exposed to enough water, such as that generated by an Orishan.

A Prypiatosian-B's powers are ineffective against a species that can withstand intense heat and radiation, such as pure-blooded Aerophibians, Necrofriggians, Evolved Arburian Pelarotas, and Slimebiotes.[3]

When wearing their containment suits, a Prypiatosian-B's vision is limited because of the shape of their helmets. Consequently, they can be blinded even further by adhesives.

Prypiatosian-Bs can be easily overpowered by a Galilean's gravity powers or a Celestialsapien's telekinesis.

Hybrid Prypiatosian-Bs are not as heat resistant as pure-blooded Prypiatosian-Bs, as they easily can be knocked out by a Pyronite's fireballs.

Culture and society[]

Prypiatosian-Bs are said to be scavengers that used to live in the irradiated ruins of the once beautiful ancestral Prypiatosian society.[1]


Prypiatosian-Bs speak using Russian accents.


Considered a highly advanced civilization at one point, Prypiatosian-Bs at least have atomic weaponry, as this was how they brought about the end of their once prosperous civilization and left their planet's surface highly irradiated.


Prypiatos was once the marvel of the Andromeda Galaxy, with mega-cities filling entire continents with hundreds of thousands of glittering structures that truly seemed to scrape the sky, but an atomic war put an end to that.[1]

In the aftermath, some of the planet's denizens stayed above ground, unaware of the Prypiatosian-As' underground civilization. Scavenging in the ruins of their once great civilization, these beings were eventually mutated into the highly radioactive Prypiatosian-Bs.[1]



  • The Omnitrix's Prypiatosian-B representative is named NRG, who first appeared in the Ultimate Alien episode "The Forge of Creation". He was originally unlocked in "Too Hot to Handle" after the Ultimatrix scanned P'andor. NRG solely appears in Ultimate Alien and Omniverse.
    • It is confirmed that the Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of NRG.[3]
    • NRG has also been used by the Cosmic Destruction version of Ben ,Albedo, the Ben 10 Franklin version of Benjamin Franklin, and Mad Ben.
  • The name Prypiatosian is derived from Prypiat, a Ukrainian city where the Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986.
  • It has been confirmed that Atomix's Species is unrelated to the Prypiatosian-Bs.[3]
  • Prypiatosian-Bs have been confirmed to exist in the Ben 10 reboot continuity. However, while NRG's DNA is currently not in the Omnitrix, it will "get added later".[4]


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