Prypiatosian-As are an unseen race of aliens from Prypiatos, a highly-irradiated planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.[1]

Biology Edit

It is currently unknown what Prypiatosian-As look like, but it is very likely that they are sapient lifeforms.

Culture and society Edit

Prypiatosian-As live in subterranean cities that have been lead-lined for their own protection from the hazardously irradiated world that had once been their home.[1]

History Edit

Prypiatos was once the marvel of the Andromeda Galaxy, with mega-cities filling entire continents with hundreds of thousands of glittering structures that truly seemed to scrape the sky, but an atomic war put an end to that.[1]

In the aftermath, some of the planet's denizens managed to escape underground to avoid the nuclear fallout. In time, they eventually established a new subterranean civilization of their own, becoming the Prypiatosian-As.[1]

References Edit

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