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"My life for Aiur!" -Zealot Battle Cry

The Zealots are low-rank Templar that indulge in fierce combat. Templar train for decades to achieve this rank, and with the Protoss average life expectancy being ridiculously long, they can be patient enough to rise to this rank and others beyond it. They utilize powered combat suits that enhance their fighting skills.


Using Zealots: Zealots are fast and tough, able to knock out plenty of Zerg when they have superior numbers. They can sweep into an enemy outpost and slaughter the weaker opposition. Against tougher targets(and air units), the Zealots are helpless, so they should be complimented with a group of Dragoons.

Fighting Zealots: These maniacs will cut your troops to ribbons if your not careful. Plenty of Firebats/Hydralisks Vultures can hold them off. Since they are melee units, air units are super effective against them.


Unit Class: Protoss Light Infantry

Weapon: Psi Blades. Average Damage. Good Rate of Attack.

Armor: Light

Produced By: Protoss Gateway

Strong Against: Infantry, Mechs, Defensive Structures

Weak Against: Heavy Units, Aircraft