Probity species
General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Probity's species is an unnamed color-based species from an unnamed planet that was once engaged in a civil war.


This species are human-like beings standing roughly 3ft in height who have 2 different skin colors; red and blue.


The different skin colors of this species are at war with each other. They had a statue of their leader, who is deceased and the color had worn of, making them unsure whether he was red or blue.

This species shake hands differently with each other; while the reds shake with their right hands and the blues shake with their left hands. Ben Tennyson found this out when he was trying to shake his right hand with the blue leader (who thought that Ben was siding with the reds as a result), degenerating negotiations with each other.

The species' currency is different for reds and blues, with the blues using hand-cut or polished jewels in their payment transactions, while the reds used refined precious metals, like gold.


For the most part, the war, from an outsider's perspective, always seems to change deeper one seems to delve into it.

At first glance, the war is a civil war, only to learn that the combatants are really trying to defend their territories from encroachment by the opposition (closely affiliated with a Cold War in nature), only to next see that the reason for the war is actually a crusade: both the combatants aggressively debating over the color of their leader, whose only statue had its paint chipped of over the course of millenia before Ben's arrival to the planet.

Afterward, it is discovered that both of the military leaders are fighting to distract from their races' bad economy. As a result, both the red and blue leaders are refusing to even consider signing a peace treaty in order to end it all. Ben then accidentally knocked over the statue of Zabin as Way Big, making the 2 sides declare a war against him and merging their factions as one (a purple army), forcing Ben and his team to leave their planet.

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