Preplanis Turtle
General Information
Homeworld Preplanis
Body Type Reptilian
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Docile
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lost in Space

The Preplanis Turtle is a medium-sized non-sapient creature native to planet Preplanis.


This species resembles a relatively large Earth turtle with long spikes on its shell, and seems to be surprisingly fast and docile. Sadly, it is likely to have become extinct, following the annihilation of its homeworld.


A member of this species was befriended by Penny Robinson and Debbie in 1997, following the Jupiter 2 crash-landing on Preplanis. Showing remarkable strength as well as speed for its size, the creature not only allowed itself to be used as mount but also inadvertently carried Penny and the Bloop away for several miles. Fortunately, they were found by Prof. John Robinson, who managed to locate them while flying on his jet pack.


  • Lost in Space, s01e04, "There Were Giants in the Earth" (1965)
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