The "Predator Horse" is a riding beast utilized by the Yautja.


The Predator Horse is a large battle-mount (considerably large considering the Yautja and Human size difference), it has a glossy smooth head with no discernible eyes, ears, or nose, somewhat similar to a Xenomorph. It has a red body, a tail similar to that of a horse, and hooved feet.



  • The original collectible statue that features the Predator Horse was released in Japan by Fewture Models, the model was unpainted and with the predator rider wielding a gigantic axe, the imported version by Slideshow Collectibles features a completed paint job for the creature and a different weapon for the predator, a spear with a Yautja head impaled upon it.
  • There is no evidence to suggest that the creatures are used on the hunt specifically, but the impaled predator head may suggest they are used during internal conflicts by the Yautja.

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