Prime Predacons

Predacon Insignia

In the Transformers Prime universe, Predacons were a race of prehistoric beasts that inhabited Cybertron millions of years before most life existed there, during what was known as the Rust Age, and went extinct sometime during the beginning of Cybertronian history in what was known as the Great Cataclysm. Predacons were very similar to Earth's dinosaurs, only that they had the inborn ability to transform. However, during the war for Cybertron, Megatron commissioned Shockwave to clone an army of Predacons, and after having them microchipped, sent them to Earth to wipe out the Autobot forces stationed there.  The Predacons' presence on Earth had inspired the appearance of creatures from the humans' Greek mythology and Medieval literature.  After completing their mission, the Predacons secured the fallen Autobots' Energon spoils and awaited Megatron's arrival, but were lost to the mists of time.  However, their bones were left behind, allowing Shockwave to extract their CNA (Cybernucleic Acid, the Cybertronian equivalent of DNA) and clone a new army.

Predacons were savage beasts that were believed to be of lower intelligence and to have no special abilities, but soon after he was cloned, the Predacon leader Predaking started to learn and even was able to use the databanks on Megatron's warship to help with his learning, but with no memories of his prehistoric past, Predaking started to think about his place in the present. . And after seeing the Decepticons that surrounded him demonstrate their ability to transform, Predaking began to wonder if he could do the same.  It was later proven that he could transform after discovering Shockwave's Project Predacon laboratory.  He then pledged his allegiance to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, but asked in return that he be granted command of his fellow Predacons.  Fearing an uprising from a species that was deemed more powerful than his own, Megatron ordered for the secret destruction of the other Predacons.  Like the Cybertronians, they were autonomous robotic organisms.

Notable Predacon membersEdit

  • Predaking - 4-legged, 2-winged Dragon (leader)
  • Backlash
  • Skylynx - Dragon with a mace-tipped tail
  • Darksteel - Ursagryph (a bear/eagle hybrid) (Predacon version)
  • Abominus (Combiner)
    • Blight - bipedal Land Dragon
    • Hun-Gurrr - two-headed bipedal Land Dragon
    • Rippersnapper - bipedal Lizard-Like Land Dragon
    • Twinstrike - two-headed Land Dragon
    • Windrazor - Wyvern
  • Fangblade
  • Lazerback - Land Dragon with an axe-tipped tail
  • Skystalker - Dragon with a mace-tipped tail
  • Backbite
  • Blackbeak
  • Bombshock (An Insecticon)
  • Cindersaur - bipedal Lizard-like Land Dragon
  • Divebomb - Wyvern (defected to the Autobots)
  • Grimwing - Ursagryph (a bear/eagle hybrid)
  • Ripclaw - Dragon with a claw-tipped tail (Female)
  • Rot Gut
  • Ser-Ket (Hybrid) (Female)
  • Vertebreak - Land Dragon with an axe-tipped tail
  • Predacons (Tranformers Go!)
    • Dragotron (leader)
    • Budora (2nd-in-command)
    • Bakudora
    • Gaidora
    • Judora
    • Goradora (Combiner)
      • Dorara
      • Barara
      • Garara
      • Jurara
      • Burara
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