Ravager-Strain Xenomorph
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Homeworld Xenomorph Prime
Diet Egg Nutrients
Behind the Scenes
Universe AVP universe

A Praetorian Facehugger is a larger and stronger facehugger that holds the larva necessary for a Praetorian's creation. It appears in the game Alien vs. Predator: Extinction


It is thicker and bulkier than a normal facehugger as well as being red and black in coloration.

Relation to the Queen FacehuggerEdit

It has been speculated by many the Queen and Praetorian facehuggers are the same creature. Both create an alien that would eventually be a queen.


The Queen Burster emerges in full form, like the Runner alien while the Praetorian burster is still larval. In the comics however, it still retains its head crest and develops arms.

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