General Information
Homeworld New Japan
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Valiant Universe

Positrons are organic androids created by the factories of New Japan in the Valiant Universe.

Biology Edit


Positrons are a class of artificial intelligence either made in factories or grown in flesh farms of New Japan. All Positrons are infused with livewire making them able to project emotions indistinguishable from humans. In order to differentiate, the Positrons are branded with a blue circle on their forehead. Positrons are supposedly unable to lie however they are able to bypass this restriction through loopholes, by giving parts of the whole truth. They are unable to hurt humans and follow their comands. Positrons age just like their human companions.

Culture Edit

The Positrons are a race of mass-produced labor that the citizens of New Japan in 4001 AD, created for all avenues of life. From companionship, servitude, perversity, and other dark aspects of the human psyche. Organic Positrons are gifted to a a designated companion at the age of sixteen

Source Edit

  • Rai 001 (2014)
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