Porters Union

The Porters Union was an ancient interstellar order of craftsmen that maintain the Doors.


Every populated planet has a Door, ancient relics that allow for instantaneous travel between worlds. The first that discovered them and their secrets became the Porters. Since the immemorial the Porters have maintained the Doors, ushering sentients through them safely.

However Carlisle Moongale began to systematically elimiante the Porters to gain a monopoly over the interstellar trade industry. Detective Flower of the Confederation of Systems Police got wind of Moongale's plan, managed to save Henry Clay Waters, the Porter of Earth. They worked together to stop the corrupt business man's plans, but were took late, when Moongale murdered every single Doorman at their Union Temple on Synergos during a conference meeting.

After Carlis Moongate was exposed for his conspiracy, Waters became the last remaining Porter.


Porters maintain the Doors and follow a strict set of rules, passing their knowledge of the Doors to their apprentices. They were led by the High Council of Porters.

  • Porter's Code Violation 1-A: A Porter Doesn't Leave His Post.
  • Porter's Code Violation 4-C: Admission of A Hostile Entity onto the Homeworld.
  • Porter's Code Violation 67-C: Admission of Alien Entity Without Disguise.


  • The Doorman 001
  • The Doorman 002
  • The Doorman 003
  • The Doorman 004
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