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A Pork Trooper is an alien force that is

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found in the 2006 game Mother 3. Mother 3, also known as Earthbound,is a Japanese role playing game found on the Game Boy Advance. It is

about a boy named Lucas as he tries to save his hometown (Nowhere Islands), and later the entire world, which is being invaded by a strange industrializing force. The Pork Troopers are the solders of the Pigmask Army, which enact the strange transformation Lucas' world is experiencing

Universe Mother 3/Earthbound
Average Height Average Human Male
Sapience Level Sapient


Pork Troopers are humanoid aliens which

wear armor throughout Mother 3. Bipedal in nature, they are a part of the Pigmask army, for they wear masks with snouts akin to the snout of a pig. They eat what humans eat and are about the size of an average adult male. However their strength differs as the larger of these Pork Troopers are physically stronger. Other Pork Troopers (such as the Fierce Pork Trooper) have horns. Whether these are natural or a part of the mask they wear is not stated, though the presence of the horns on a Pig Trooper suggests that that Pig Trooper has superior strength and capabilities.

There is some suggestion that Pork Troopers are normal human beings who wear pig masks. However this suggestion is seen only when one Pork Trooper takes off his mask once in the game. As for the other characters, there is no telling what is behind their mask and armor. What one does know is that they come from an unknown alien planet, from a different time and space.

The Pigmask army aids in the transformation of Lucas' world by the addition of their new city: New Pork City. This is a highly mechanized city, with crude childish buildings and theme-bark attractions. Master Porky is the leader of the Pigmask army, the army New Pork City. Master Porky is also the one who brings his Pig Mask Army to Lucas' world via a time and space traveling machine. This suggests that the Pigmask army is one that has superior scientific knowledge and have highly advanced weaponry.

The Empire Porky Building is the headquarters of the Pigmasks. This houses master Porky. Pork Troopers are known to relax at club Titiboo.

Goal []

The Pigmasks' main goal is to pull out the Seven Needles in Lucas' world and awaken the Dark Dragon, granting supreme power to their army and leader, Master Porky.

Ranks, Culture and Heirarchy[]

The lowest rank of a pig mask is pink, which carries a beam gun. The highest rank is white. He uses PSI, a form of psychic energy. They are paid according to rank, but even the highest of ranks are paid little.

Despite their sub-human treatment, the Pork Troopers are loyal to their leader, a loyalty akin to fascism and naziism.

The various titles among the Army's soldiers include Pigmasks, captains, colonels, Navy Squeals and a commander, much like any army. This army prizes strength over technology, as the lowest order of Pork Troopers carry the biggest guns, while the strongest Pork Troopers carry guns with the smallest tips.


Pork Troopers are weak to PK Freeze. The exception to this is the Fierce Pork Trooper, a major Pork Trooper who changes rank from pink to silver in the middle of the game. The Fierce Pork Trooper is susceptible to fire attacks and DCMC paraphernalia.


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