Polymorph is a species of single-celled organisms that is neither liquid nor solid but a colloidal suspension[1] from the molten planet of Viscosia.



Polymorphs are 200-pound[2] (~ 90 kg) gelatinous extraterrestrial blobs of slime. The slime is normally in a humanoid shape with a pointed head, narrow eyes, and "spikes" on their shoulders. They can, however, turn into a shapeless mass such as a puddle or mimic the shape of something. Their brains are spread throughout their entire bodies.[1]

Polymorphs have small flying saucer-shaped devices called Anti-Gravity Projectors hovering over their heads.

Although they are traditionally green, Polymorphs can come in other colors. For example, Polymorphs from Dimension 23 are blue, Negative Goop is red, Gwen 10's Goop is pink, Mad Ben's Goop is orange, Bad Ben's Goop is mint green, Benzarro's Goop is purple, Nega Ben's Goop is grey, and Argitrix Timeline Argit's Goop is peach.[3]


Polymorphs are scavengers that can dissolve and process any unclaimed organic matter they consume.[4]

Powers and abilities

Polymorphs can generate and shoot acidic or adhesive slime from their bodies as either streams similar to a water (when coming out of a hose), blob-like projectiles, or even spit despite not having visible mouths.

Polymorphs are almost invulnerable because even when their slime has been scattered all over the area, they can still recollect as long as their Anti-Gravity Projectors are still active.

Polymorphs can change their density depending on their desire.[1]

Polymorphs survive in intense heat, such as the one on their home planet.[2]

Polymorphs can mimic the shape of simple objects to fool an opponent.[5]

Similar to Ectonurites, a Polymorphs's eyes can move to any part of their body while maintaining their body shape, giving them 360° eyesight.[3]

Polymorphs can survive in the vacuum of space for a limited amount of time.[3]

Using their Anti-Gravity Projectors, Polymorphs can fly. These projectors can also be used as a weapon since the edges are razor-sharp.


Outside of Viscosia's gravity, Polymorphs can only have their body function when they are united with their Anti-Gravity Projector. This means that if the two are separated, the slime will go inert until recollected.

Polymorphs are incredibly light, meaning that they can be easily blown away or sucked in by strong winds, such as those generated by Geochelone Aerios and Trombipulor's Species.

Polymorphs can be immobilized if repeatedly stepped on.

Polymorphs can be hurt by being spun really fast in a centrifuge, which can separate them into their constituent compounds.

Polymorphs can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[3]

Like other living beings, Polymorphs can be controlled by a Vladat's Corrupturas. This is because the Corrupturas can embed themselves into a Polymorph's body, making them difficult to remove.[3]

Polymorphs can be frozen solid and immobilized, such as from being in space for too long.[3]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to hypnosis, such as that of a Vladat.[3]

Polymorphs are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[3]

Polymorphs are unable to control external forms of slime, such as those generated by Lepidopterrans, Sphoeroids, and even other Polymorphs.[3]

Culture and society


A Polymorph's voice is projected by their Anti-Gravity Projectors.


Whenever they are on a planet other than Viscosia, Polymorphs use Anti-Gravity Projectors designed by the Galvan to be mobile in a foreign planet's gravity.



  • The Omnitrix's Polymorph representative is named Goop, who first appeared in the Alien Force episode "The Gauntlet". Goop has appeared in almost every subsequent series except the reboot.
    • The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of Goop named Muck-A-Muck, who was confirmed to exist in the Omniverse episode "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1".
    • Goop has also been used by the Prime Timeline Vilgax and Albedo. Despite not appearing on-screen, it is confirmed that the Gweniverse Gwen 10, Mad Ben, Bad Ben, Benzarro, Nega Ben, and Argitrix Timeline Argit all have Goop available in their Omnitrixes.[3]
  • The name Polymorph translates to "many shapes".
  • Each Polymorph color corresponds with the flavor of their slime: green Polymorphs taste like limes, red ones taste like raspberries, blue ones taste like blue raspberries, pink ones taste like strawberries, orange ones taste like sour oranges, mint green ones taste like licorice, purple ones taste like grapes, grey ones taste like black peppers, and peach ones taste like peaches.[3]
  • The Polymorphic Crystal is related to the Polymorphs.[3]
  • In 2020, Derrick J. Wyatt released full-color models of Muck-A-Muck and alternate versions of Goop used by the Gweniverse Gwen 10, Mad Ben, Benzarro, and Nega Ben.
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Polymorph DNA.[6] Therefore, Goop is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".


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