The Policemen are a interstellar peacekeeping organization in the Wildstorm Universe.

History Edit

According to its representative space's first policeman began with a lone law enforcer that was born on a world of pollution and damaged weather. To light and guide his way he wore a lamp that glowed a perfect blue.

To honor his courage and bravery future generations of Policemen bore his symbol, a blue lamp as their badges of office.

The Policemen organization originally sent out one of their newly recruited members to Earth, however he was assassinated en-route while passing Jupiter, by the Four, a group of humans dedicated in stagnating humanity's potential and hoarding all its secret to themselves.

The Four's leader, Randall Dowling dissected the alien, obtaining the alien's blue lantern to which was slated to be sold to William Bendix head of Stormwatch. However it was later stored in the Four's personal collection of artifacts.

The lantern was later recovered by Planetary, the Four's opponents during the latter's raid on the former's annexes.

Strength Edit

The Policemen acted as guardians of life. To accomplish this they were given blue lanterns implanted into their bodies, that reacted on mental thought allowing them to traverse space without the need for a suit.

Notes Edit

  • The Policemen are analogous to DC comics Green Lantern Corp.

Source Edit

  • Planetary Issue 10 (2000)
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