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The Plorgonarians are a race of thin, yellow-green colored sapient, invertebrate beings.


Plorgonarians lack an internal or external skeleton. They are tripeds, walking on three stout legs with two toes on each foot. Their body is thin and they are slightly shorter than an average Human. They have two long thin arms and three elongated fingers on each hand.

Their head sports a large single eye that is bigger than their brains, a wide mouth with two purple tongues, and a short antenna on the top of their head, which is used for hearing and smelling. Plorgonarians are known to appreciate odors which Humans consider noxious or horrible. The antenna goes orange when they age, though sometimes this happens prematurely. They can also unhinge their jaws.

Plorgonarians may have evolved from aquatic creatures, as in the episode "Retro", which deals with a creature that can turn anything into its primitive ancestor, "proto-Pleakley"'s third hind leg appears to have previously been a fish-like fin.


Plorgonarians have evolved into a spacefaring civilization which is a member of the Galactic Federation.

In their society, unlike most alien species, they don't use any form of currency. According to Pleakley, that's why they don't wear pants.

Notable Plorgonarians[]

  • Agent Pleakley
  • Pixley
  • Bertley
  • Mother Pleakley
  • Unnamed female Plorgonarian
  • Unnamed Plorgonarian wife
  • Unnamed Plorgonarian husband