Alien Species
Plated Parasite

A Plated Parasite.

Plated Parasites are a strain of the Tallon Parasite, a lifeform known for their astounding ability to adapt to any environment. The Plated Parasite boasts tough, metallic armor that protects it from some of the more dangerous environments and predators.


The arrival of Phazon on Tallon IV had a considerable effect on the planet's environment overall. The Tallon Parasites were one of the few native species that could cope with the corruption, as shown by the extensive experiments of the Space Pirates. Plated Parasites were a result of the mutations caused by the Phazon on Tallon.

The Plated Parasite gained its natural metal armor from Phazon Mutation. The armor is tough enough to shrug off nearly every kind of attack made on it, with the notable exception of Morph Ball Bombs. For some reason, they are often found crawling around Spider Ball Magnetic Rails.


  • Metroid Prime (First appearance)