The Plasm Wraith is a mysterious, liquid-like lifeform similar to the Goolix, Waterwraith, and Leech Hydroe on PNF-404. It is also one of the only creatures discovered by both Captain Olimar and Captain Charlie.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Plasm Wraith, similarly to the Goolix, Waterwraith, and Leech Hydroe, doesn't seem to follow similar organic animal biology as with other animals on PNF-404.

Its body is featureless and vaguely humanoid in structure. Its entire "body" is made out of a cellular protoplasmic mass which can split off of the main body as self-independent entities until it is reunited to the main structure. The entire body, like the Goolix, has very few solid parts to it, with the Plasm Wraith only having one - a cube-shaped, golden nucleus. The liquid-like structure of the body is able to turn transparent at will, and if any part of it breaks or falls off it is able to regenerate lost plasm cells.

This creature has two particular forms it's known to use: the humanoid form being its secondary form. The first form is a transparent, gelatinous mass resembling the Goolix in movement and appearance. This is also its main form to view its nucleus core.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Plasm Wraith showing care towards Olimar.

Much of its behavior is revealed through the reports of both Olimar and Charlie, the report under the single name "Rescue mission".

It has shown to have a child-like intelligence, and has shown a sort of care towards Captain Olimar, according to reports. The mission explains that it "activated" Olimar's auto-sleep function and kept him in its cave. It then presented aggression towards anything coming towards him, but is never revealed as to what its connection was towards Olimar, nor why it was so determined to attack anything interested in him.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other "Wraiths" described, the Plasm Wraith has numerous known abilities not just limited to its cellular structure:

Fire Plasm Wraith.jpg

Fire Element: The Plasm Wraith's core releases its cellular protoplasmic body all around its surrounding area, the structure increasing its surface temperature to the point of combustion.

Water Plasm Wraith.jpg

Water Element: The Plasm Wraith's core gathers water molecules from the surrounding air, and forms a protective barrier of liquid around itself. This form specifically is mainly a protection term, as it is mainly used as a survival tactic, and possibly a adaptation against wildfires or fire-offensive creatures.

Electric Plasm Wraith.jpg

Electric Element: The Plasm Wraith's core generates a field of static electrical charge within itself, and forms a barrier of electricity. Compared to its other forms, the Electric Element form is its most deadly form, and can kill creatures instantly if caught within it. It can't keep this form long however.

Crystal Plasm Wraith.jpg

Crystal Element: The Plasm Wraith's core will start to solidify its own cellular structure to the point of becoming reflective, glass-like crystal. This is the hardest defensive structure the Plasm Wraith uses, as very few animals are remotely able to break its crystalline shell, though Rock Pikmin thrown had a profound effect on it.

Flying Plasm Wraith.jpg

Air Element: The Plasm Wraith opens the circular hole in its head to flow air into it, allowing it to levitate off of the ground without the physical aid of wings or propulsion.

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