Planchaküles are a species of gremlin-like aliens from the junkyard planet Aul-Turrhen.[1]

Biology Edit

Planchaküles are small gremlin-like aliens with red skin and pointy noses. Some of them grow facial hair.

Diet Edit

Planchaküles mostly eat organic food; they do not eat car parts.[2]

Powers and abilities Edit

Planchaküles can dismantle or reassemble machinery at a fast rate.

Planchaküles are strong and agile for their size.

Planchaküles possess enhanced intelligence, as they have an impressive knowledge of machinery and engineering.[3]

Weaknesses Edit

A Planchaküle's size can put them at a disadvantage against larger opponents such as Stone Creatures.

Despite their knack for dismantling machinery, Planchaküles can gain the urge to uncontrollably do so, like an ordinary Earth gremlin.

Culture and society Edit

Planchaküles live on a junkyard-like planet, which they are constantly disassembling and reconfiguring.[2] Whenever they are bored, they like to fix things.[3] They rebuild things to suit their needs.[2]

Planchaküles are well known for being great mechanics and builders, and are led by a master builder.[2]

The Galvan admire the Planchaküles' industriousness and skill, but prefer not to hang out with them too much after work. The Planchaküles have probably collaborated with the Galvan's leader, Azmuth.[2]


Notes Edit

  • The Omnitrix's Planchaküle representative is named Juryrigg, who first appeared in the Ultimate Alien episode "The Eggman Cometh". Juryrigg solely appears in Ultimate Alien and Omniverse.
  • The name of this species has never been stated on-screen. The name "Planchaküle" comes from the alien gallery special feature of the Ultimate Alien DVD "The Ultimate Enemy".
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Planchaküle DNA.[4] Therefore, Juryrigg is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".

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