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Planchaküles are a species of gremlin-like aliens from the junkyard planet Aul-Turrhen.[1]


Planchaküles are small gremlin-like aliens with red skin, spade-like tails, four fingers, three toes, and pointy noses. Some of them grow facial hair.


Planchaküles mostly eat organic food; they do not eat car parts.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Planchaküles can completely dismantle any kind of machinery in mere seconds, fitting to their Gremlin-like appearance. This can include mechanical builds generated by organic beings such as Rex Salazar, and living mechanical species such as Chronosapiens.[2]

Despite it being harder for them to do due to their craving for destruction, Planchaküles can construct complex machinery from scratch at a similar rate.

Planchaküles are strong for their size, as they tear a metal car brake in half and break some metal bars that even an Appoplexian could not.

Planchaküles are durable enough to withstand being thrown against the wreckage of a food truck. They also have a level of enhanced agility.

Planchaküles possess enhanced intelligence, as they have an impressive knowledge of machinery and engineering.[3]

Planchaküles have prehensile tails.[2]


A Planchaküle's size can put them at a disadvantage against larger opponents such as Stone Creatures. If these opponents are robots, then they should not be a problem.

Despite their knack for dismantling machinery, Planchaküles can gain the urge to uncontrollably do so, like an ordinary Earth gremlin.

Thought they could dismantle a Terminator unit's endoskeleton, Planchaküles are unable to do so through their synthetic human-like skin.[2]

Anything constructed by a Planchaküle is basically on-the-fly or 'jury-rigged', meaning their functionality is only temporary and that the machines themselves will eventually fail. The only exception to this is the Tenn-Speed created by Juryrigg.

Culture and society[]

Planchaküles live on a junkyard-like planet, which they are constantly disassembling and reconfiguring.[2] Whenever they are bored, they like to fix things.[3] They rebuild things to suit their needs.[2]

Planchaküles are well known for being great mechanics and builders. They are led by a master builder.[2]

The Galvan admire the Planchaküles' industriousness and skill but prefer not to hang out with them too much after work. The Planchaküles have probably collaborated with the Galvan's leader, Azmuth.[2]

Notable members[]

  • Juryrigg: An Omnitrix transformation used by Ben Tennyson.
  • Girck: A Planchaküle auto-shop merchant
  • Grack: A Planchaküle auto-shop merchant and Grick's brother.
  • Master Builder: The leader of the Planchaküles; there have been many Master Builders, with the current one being a male.[2]




  • Although the name of this species has never been stated on-screen, the name "Planchaküle" comes from the alien gallery special feature of the Ultimate Alien DVD "The Ultimate Enemy".
    • The name itself is derived from "Plankalkül", a programming language designed for engineering purposes and the first high-level programming language designed for computers.
  • Despite their physical similarities, Planchaküle are unrelated to Jak the Freeze's Species.[4]
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Planchaküle DNA.[5] Therefore, Juryrigg is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".
  • Although they are from different universes, Planchaküles can dismantle Cybertronians.[2]


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