The Pixies are a species of small sapient magical creatures that bond with fairies. Their magical abilities somewhat defy the laws of science, making them a bit mysterious, though they are undeniably adorable.


They are small humanoids with baby-like features, such as large heads in proportions to the rest of their bodies, short limbs and large eyes. Baby pixies are 5 cm (~ 1.96 inches) tall, young pixies are 8 cm (~ 3.14 inches) tall and adult pixies are 10 cm (~ 3.93 inches) tall. While not immediately noticeable, their ears are slightly pointed (well at least some of them). For a while only females of this species were seen, although one of them DID mention having a father.

Society and cultureEdit

They live in a village in an area known as "Gloomy Wood Forest", and wear clothing of various styles, some associated with different eras, like ancient Greek or Victorian times. They are said to have a leader/queen who is supposed also the mother of the younger pixies, however she isn't mentioned to have had any drones, and it's confirmed the pixies are created by a magic tree, so it's possible she's more of a mother figure. Their technology is powered by magic instead of electricity.

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  • They bear physical similarities to the pixies that inhabit the Smurf world, such as the large heads, and baby-like bodies, suggesting they could be the same species.
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