Alien Species

"Pixies are some of the few 'real' beings that make the dreamrealm their home. They are something of a cross between real live spirits and miasmal monsters; though they have minds, their shells are miasmal rather than physical. They can travel into the mind of sentients, where they play mischief."
―Bestiary Entry

Pixies are fey from the Dreamwood who attack astral travellers with a wide array of disarming magics. What their relationship with fairies really is, and whether fairies are also miasma creatures, is unclear. It is clear that unlike fairies which have different elements, all pixies are aether elemental and thus vulnerable to psychic harm.

Before he died, Bostholm believed that he was being tormented by pixies and attempted an auto-trepanation to cure himself, and has remained deeply afraid of them well into his afterlife.