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Piscciss Premann are a centaur/crab-like species from the artificial[1] watery planet Piscciss.



Since Kraab, the only Piscciss Premann seen so far, lost most of his biological body parts in a war between Piscciss and Pyros,[2] it is uncertain what a Premann actually looks like.

However, it can be assumed that Kraab built his mechanical body to resemble his original organic one, indicating that Premann resemble large Earth crabs with humanoid features.

Powers and abilities[]

Premann possess enhanced strength and durability, and have a large, powerful claw in place of their left hand.


Premann can be lifted and thrown by a species with as much strength as a Petrosapien.

Premann are vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Transylian or Fulmini.

Premann can be immobilized by ice, such as a Necrofriggian's ice breath.

Premann can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[3]

Like other living beings, Premann can be controlled by a Vladat's Corrupturas.[3]



  • The Piscciss Premann share their home planet with another race, the Piscciss Volann, with whom they fought alongside during a war with the Pyronites.
  • It is implied that the Omnitrix contains Piscciss Premann DNA.
  • This species is unrelated to Crabtastic's Species.[3]


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