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Pirate Commandos are elite members of the Space Pirate special forces. They are the most capable soldiers in the Pirate military, and are among the highest in Space Pirate Hierarchy. These veterans are called forth during the most dire situations.


Pirate Commandos, being the best of the best among the Space Pirates, are prized by the Pirate military leaders. They are equipped with a special combat suit, boasting a powerful arm cannon, EMP Grenades, a wrist-mounted energy blade, a personal energy shield and micro-jets for dashing. The EMP Grenades are specially designed to temporarily disable Samus's Power Suit. The shield can deflect shots, but since it can't be sustained for longer than a few seconds, the shield is best suited for blocking projectiles like missiles.

Dark Pirate Commando[]

Because of their incredible combat abilities, the Ing gleefully possess Pirate Commandos whenever possible. Only the Hunter Ing are allowed to posseess a Commando, due to their high priority. Once possessed, the Pirate Commando gains incredible abilities, forming the spearhead of the Darkling forces.

Dark Pirate Commandos typically attack in groups of three, warping into areas on Aether and Dark Aether and trapping high-priority targets (namely, Samus Aran). Due to being possessed by Hunter Ing, the Dark Pirate Commandos are capable of phasing in and out of real space, and they use this ability to confuse enemies by blinking to and fro around the room. The Pirate's loadout is virtually unchanged, with the exception of the arm cannon, which now fires blasts of dark energy that drain Samus's energy in a manner similar to the possession attempts made by Warrior Ing. Between attacks, Dark Commandos warp around the room, leaving afterimages in their previous position that blink out shortly after. When warping, they can be tracked by using the Dark Visor. Like all Ing, they are weak to the Light Beam. If enough time passes and if they are not killed, the Dark Pirate Commandos will give up the struggle and teleport away.


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