Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond
Biography Information
Alias Rose Quartz
Homeworld Gem Homeworld
Species Gem (Diamond)
Gender Female
Death 21st century
Hair Color Pale Pink
Eye Color Hot Pink
Family Steven Universe (son)
Greg Universe (husband)
Pets Lion
Occupation Matriarch (formerly)
Leader of the Crystal Gems
Affiliation Homeworld Gems
Crystal Gems
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

Pink Diamond is one of the four Diamonds who rule over the Gem Homeworld. Overtime, she assumed the identity of Rose Quartz and became the original leader of the Crystal Gems.

Appearance Edit

Pink Diamond had pink skin, magenta eyes with diamond-shaped pupils, and fluffy pale pink hair. She was smaller than the other Diamonds, but still towered over lower-ranking Gems. Her gemstone was located on her navel and displayed in a large pentagon-shaped opening, being an inverted-side view of a round-cut diamond.

Pink Diamond wore a rose-burgundy top which was cropped in the middle to reveal her midriff and gem with large puffy pink-and-white shoulder pads and rose gloves. She also wore a small pink and white skirt, short puffy rose-pink pants, white stockings and a pair of pink slippers with white pom poms floating over each of them.

Gallery Edit

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