Admiral Pindar was a secondary antagonist in the Starlight Comics.

History Edit

Admiral Pindar was a Brotean commander in charge of the security of the Kingfisher Family and the planet Tantalus. When Krish Moor's parents failed to save the life of a member of the Brotean Royal Family, he executed them on the spot for treason. He left Krish alive though, telling him to be an orphan and learn to beg, tossing him a few coins. The young boy swore he would hunt the Brotean down, to which Pindar laughed asking who would help him. His cruelty motivated, Krish to seek out Duke McQueen and bring him to free Tantalus.

When Duke and Krish were capture upon arriving to Tantalus, Pindar attempted to remember where he had seen Krish before.

He was present at the public execution of the Tantalan Resistance. When Duke McQueen returned seeming from the dead, and into the enemy's Castle Without Doors, Pindar mocked the human's sanity stating he had no chance.

When thousands of armed Tantalans stormed the fortress, after being inspired by Duke, Pindar attempted to order his soldiers to fire upon them, but was punched by Duke. His jet pack was later used to propel Duke into the Kingfishers suite, crashing the Admiral into the building. Pindar survied and witnessed the death of his lord, and was about to kill Duke to avenge him. He was shot by Krish into the abdomen, and while holding his entrails, he demanded what he should do. Just as he had done to Krish, the boy tossed him a few coins and told him to learn how to beg. His eyes widened in realization that Krish was the boy he orphaned before his head was blown off.

Source Edit

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