Alien Species
Rundas Phyrigisian
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Phyrigis
Average Height Human height
Sapience Level Sapient

Phyrigisians are the native creatures of the moon Phyrigis located in an unknown galaxy (possibly Triangulum, Andromeda, or Sombrero). They are similar to the Vhozon, in so far as they can also manipulate ice, and are similar in appearance. They can manipulate ice to an extent of being able to use it as a method of flight via the creation of a series of ice slides. Phyrigisians can also fire ice beams, create ice armor, fire missiles and shots, create spires and towers, and even traps.

Rundas is a notable Phyrigisian who utilizes his abilities for bounty hunting. Assuming all Phyrigisians look similar, based on the appearance of Rundas they have long limbs that end in three claws. Their heads are an oval shape and two small dots resembling eyes can be seen. They have small torsos with their long legs ending in flat feet.