The Phibs (short for "Amphibians") are a sapient, semi-aquatic species native to the tropical forests of Venus, where they can be found inhabiting lakes and rivers.


Their overall appearance is humanoid, although with sensitive green skin, webbed feet, lipless mouths and goggle-eyes. In spite of their non-mammalian nature, the females possess breasts and suckle their young, much like Humans. They're completely mute, but can communicate telepathically by touch, and are even capable of assuming telepathic control of non-sapient beasts, such as the fearsome Centosaurs.

Culture and societyEdit

Very little is known about the Phibs, but they've been observed to be a friendly, if naturally shy species, and are willing to cooperate with the Tweenie settlers in fighting off hostile Human settlers on their homeworld.


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