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The Phaedans are a race of bipedal insect-like people native to the planet Phaedus IV.

Biology & Appearance[]

They large bipedal insectoids with varying skin colors and red blood (indicating the presence of hemoglobin). They are apparently omnivorous members of the race demonstrating that they can eat meat and others shown harvesting berries, Captain Robert Aprils prolonged stay on the world indicates highly that their food is compatible with human physiology.



The Phaedans are racially divided, the primary racial group on the planet are black-colored people who call themselves "shadows". The varying color has caused a great deal of racial war, the black Phaedans waging a genocidal campaign against the blue minority, indulging in such horrible acts as slavery and the consumption of the blue Phaedans children.


When they were observed by starfleet scouts the civilization of the world was roughly at the level of roman culture on earth. The species primarily inhabited the southern hemisphere of their planet and there population was roughly 30 million.


The history of the Phaedans is largely unknown, the Shadows had long waged a genocidal campaign against the blues. It was while observing this that the then-captain of the USS Enterprise Robert April decided to violate the prime directive by bringing the blue Phaedans advanced weaponry and starfleet technology.

For a time this seemed to change the tide of the war until the Shadows were able to obtain similarly advanced technologies from the Klingons. It was the intention of the Klingons to wipe out starfleet influence and eventually establish a colony on the planet.

Robert April intended to trade the Enterprise to the Klingons in order to gain control of the planet as governor in the Klingon Empire. James T. Kirk managed to regain control of his ship and fled before engaging the Klingons, after this it appears the Klingons would be successful in gaining control of the planet, the fate of the Phaedans unknown.


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