General Information
Homeworld Troy
Locomotion Quadrapedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

The Petaur is a creature native to the planet Troy in the Lanfeust of Troy Universe.

Biology Edit

The petaur is a hairy tusked beast similar to a woolly mammoth though its face resembles that of a bat.

Behavior Edit

It is one of the biggest creatures on Troy and is used by its inhabitants, at least in the land of Eckmül, as a beast of burden. However the only way to make a petaur move is to sing. While petaurs are not necessarily musical they will not mind if a song is off key.

Petaure meat is also imported to Darshan who savor its sweetbread as a delicacy.

Appearances Edit

  • Lanfeust of Troy: Ivory of the Magohamoth (1994)

  • Shadowrealm of Troy (2011)
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