The Perseids are a humanoid species from Ugroth.

Biology Edit

They are blue-skinned humanoids with long pronounced bony chins. Perseids are hermaphrodites, with each individual capable of either fertilizing another and gestating young. Two Perseids will typically form a temporary pair bond to create children and later, after the child's birth, the offspring is given to the state to raise.

Culture and society Edit

The Perseids are a race of intellectuals priding themselves, but are mostly viewed as weak and timid by the other races.

History Edit

The Perseids heavily influenced Humans, especially with the Egyptians, who mimicked the aliens with their elaborate chins using adornments. After Earth made its way into space and encountered the Commonwealth, the Perseids supported humanity's induction due to the ancient bond.

They were conquered by the Vedran Empire, and were partly responsible for transforming it into the Commonwealth after they launched a rebellion that convinced their Vedran masters that the reformation of their empire was necessary for peace.

When the Long Night occurred, fracturing the Commonwealth, the Perseids retreated from Known Space and back to their homeworld, avoiding most of the chaos. When Captain Dylan Hunt set forth to restore the Commonwealth, the Perseids were one of the many races that answered his call.

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